Paddle boat


Great for exploring the coastline with some light exercise along the way

Paddle Boat

Paddle boats are watercraft propelled by the action of a seated rider pedaling to turn a paddle wheel. A two-seat paddle boat has two sets of pedals, side by side, designed for two people to peddle together – so make sure to find a friend to join you in this activity!

Great for exploring the coastline, with some light exercise along the way. They are super easy to use, and are a fun activity to do with others. Peddle whilst you sightsee and chat about your wonderful time in Guam.

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TRAVEL ADVISORY:  Our response to COVID-19 and expanded IHG Way of Clean

Crowne Plaza Resort Guam is under renovation and will reopen in 2022
The rebranded Crowne Plaza Resort Guam will reopen with 321 fully renovated rooms, a Club Lounge, fully refurbished public areas, and a refreshed focus on its garden, with 2 new swimming pools as the main feature. Underpinned by its IHG Clean Promise, Crowne Plaza Resort Guam will be committed to high levels of cleanliness, which means clean, well-maintained, clutter-free rooms that meet its high standards. Please accept our apology for any inconvenience this may cause and our sincere thanks for your patience and support.

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