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Enjoy a variety of fun activities you can enjoy with a range of selective providers that provides tours and transportation needs. You can also speak with our Concierge, who can provide recommendations and guidance based on your requirements.

Note: This activities listed are run by an outside service provider. Please contact our concierge for more details.

Other Activities of Guam
Banana Boat

Banana Boat

A banana boat is an unpowered, inflatable boat towed by a powered boat. Usually, up to 10 riders sit on a larger, main tube and rest their feet on smaller tubes flanking each side for balance. No skill required, just an ability to hold on. Instructors will brief you with safety instructions, and ensure your safety at all times.


Dolphin Watching

Dolphin Watch

A joy of watching these intelligent creatures in their natural habitat

Enjoy one of the most picturesque locations for dolphin watching. Dolphins are known to be intelligent, friendly mammals that like to play tricks – other marine life might also appear and surprise you. Relax and let the captain guide you on Guam’s coastline and marine life.

Paddle Boat

Paddle Boat

Paddle boats are watercraft propelled by the action of a seated rider pedaling to turn a paddle wheel. Great for exploring the coastline, with some light exercise along the way. They are super easy to use, and are a fun activity to do with others. Peddle whilst you sightsee and chat about your wonderful time in Guam.

Jet ski in Guam

Jet Ski

Take control and enjoy the ride

A Jet Ski, also known as a Personal Water Craft (PWC), is a recreational watercraft that the rider sits or stands on – as opposed to inside. Carrying 1-2 people, Jet Skis are small, fast, and easily handled, making them a fun and easy choice for a powered ride around the beach waters. 

A couple are riding on the inflatable tow tube on a speed


Just a love of speed or a good dose of courage

A high speed, thrilling boat ride experience that sees you weaving and spinning at high speeds through a picturesque bay. You’re thankfully not the driver, just a passenger, so just hold on tight, and enjoy the fresh air and water splashes that will totally awaken you.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an underwater swimming activity involving the use of self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA).

This allows for greater independence and freedom of movement than snorkeling, which limits the diver to the surface of the water. With Scuba Diving you can closely observe the marine life, coral and fishes, found in deeper waters and along the sea floor. With Guam famous for its wonderous marine life, Scuba Diving is the most recommended activity!

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