Top Guam Beaches


Sunsets, snorkeling, natural pools and war relics – Guam’s coastline is home to some of the most pristine and unique beaches. When you visit Guam there are beaches that simply shouldn’t be missed. We’ve listed them below.

Tumon Beach

Tumon Beach is a popular spot for visitors and locals year round on the northwest coast of Guam.

There are lots of beach activities like kayaking, jet skis and paddle boarding and it’s close to some of the best shopping in Guam when you need a break from the sun. Tumon Beach also has one of the best sunsets in Guam.

Pockets of reef make Tumon a great snorkeling spot that’s protected and safe. This 2-mile stretch of Guam coastline, has lush greenery meeting expansive white sand and turquoise sparkling water, making it one of the best family-friendly beaches in Guam.

Walk north or south at Tumon Beach and you’ll see war relics. To the south, find abandoned guard posts called pillboxes. To the north, you’ll see short-barrelled navel guns still aimed out to sea on the way to Gun Beach.

From Crowne Plaza Resort Guam to Tumon Beach it’s a short 5 minutes by car.

Gun Beach

Located just north of Tumon Beach, Gun Beach offers more seclusion and peace. Snorkeling here is great and our advice is to follow the pipes out and you’ll be in one of Guam’s best snorkeling spots.

You can even just stand instead of snorkelling to see the beauty — the water is so clear, but beware, the triggerfish are a little aggressive at times. There are shells and broken coral which can be a bit rough on your feet so bring some sturdy reef aqua shoes.

If you’re looking for beach volleyball in Guam, Gun Beach is the place with two full-sized courts located at the northern end of Tumon Beach.

From Gun Beach, you can walk to Fai Fai Beach via the rock-pool footpath around the outcrop, where you’ll be treated to even more seclusion and stunning Guam sunsets.

Crowne Plaza Resort Guam to Gun Beach is about 10 minutes by car.

Ypao Beach Park

Home of the iconic white Guam sign — a great picture spot — Ypao Beach is great for snorkeling and is also a super family friendly beach with a lifeguard on duty and a playground. It tends to get more crowded on the weekends, so head to Ypao Beach for a weekday adventure. From Crowne Plaza Resort Guam to Ypao Beach Park it’s 3 minutes by car or a 20-minute beach stroll. Experience rugged natural beauty and a coastal grassland hike at Tanguisson Beach. You might need a 4WD to get there, but once you arrive you can spend a day exploring this must-see coastal region of Guam.

From Tanguisson Beach, we recommend walking north to see the Mushroom Rocks resting on the water at Hilaan Beach. Further north is Shark Cove Beach where you’ll find one of Guam’s best beaches and snorkelling spots with hidden caves, blue starfish and blacktip reef shark— not considered dangerous to people. Shark Cove Beach is about a 20-30 minute walk from Tanguisson Beach parking. Don’t swim out too far at Shark Cove as the current is strong at the reef break.

The more north you walk from Tanguisson Beach the more secluded and the more paradise reveals itself. From Tanguisson Beach to Crowne Plaza Resort Guam it’s 12 minutes by car.

Inarajan Natural Pools

Located on the south tip of Guam, there’s parking right next to the pools, so there’s no hiking required. There’s a small grass area to have lunch or for little ones to play. Inarajan Natural Pools is a series of natural saltwater pools protected from the waves by rocks acting like a type of nature-made gate. Bring reef shoes and have a blast jumping, swimming and exploring. Go early, as this is a popular spot for tourists in Guam.

If you want to try some local Guam food, the Inarajan Pools are a 6-minute walk to a local bakery that serves delicious Chamorro sweet bread.

Inarajan Natural Pools to Crowne Plaza Resort Guam is 45 minutes by car.

Two Lover’s Point Lookout

For a stunning aerial view of the Tumon Beach coastline head to one of the best lookouts in Guam with electric pink, yellow and blue sunsets. Two Lover’s Point, named after a local legend of lovers who jumped to their death it’s one of Guam’s most scenic spots that gives you a feeling of floating above the water. On a clear day you can see marine life swimming in the emerald blue water below. Lookout for the spotted eagle ray. Bring your lover to this special scenic spot in Guam and add it to your honeymoon itinerary.

Two Lover’s Point Lookout to Crowne Plaza Resort Guam is 10 minutes by car.

Contact us at Crowne Plaza Resort Guam for any advice on your stay and sightseeing in Guam, our Concierge team will be more than happy to assist.

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We will be conducting scheduled maintenance for our Beach Access and Seawall.  During the maintenance period, our Family Pool, Pool Slides, Kids Club as well as access to the beach will be close. This maintenance is expected by be finished at the end of April 2024.

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