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In case you aren’t the type to fly into an unknown destination with no local knowledge or plans, loving the heightened surprise and discovery, then we have a little cheat sheet that will have you confidently arrive in Guam and navigate your way from the airport to the hotel and beyond. The local knowledge we provide will likely have you appreciate Guam and it’s people even more, as you have less concern for the basics, and more time to absorb your beautiful and culturally-rich surroundings.

Visa requirements for Guam

Guam is the westernmost point and territory of the United States, along with the Northern Mariana Islands. It’s inhabitants are American citizens by birth.

Check the U.S.Government ESTA Online center (link to for the latest information on documentation requirements and application procedures available for travel to Guam, so you don’t get any suprises at the airport!

Languages spoken in Guam

The inhabitants of Guam are called Guamanians. The native language on Guam is Chamorro, though English is also an official language. Japanese is quite common for the high number of tourists visiting from Japan, and also amongst older residents who lived on Guam during the World War II period of Japanese occupation.

A few common Chamorro phrases that would be helpful, and perhaps also fun to try out on your trip:

Hello! Håfa adai! (Hah-fuh-day)

Please. Pot fabot. (Put fah-boht)

Thank you. Si Yu’us ma’ase. (C-zu-oohs-Muh-ah-seat)

You’re welcome. Buen probechu. (Bwen-pro-bet-sue)

Goodbye. Adiós. (Ah-Deh-Oss)

Climate in Guam

Not only are the people warm in Guam, but so is the weather! Guam’s climate is tropical and warm, and very stable at about 30-32 °C (86-90 °F) during the day and 24-25 °C (75-77 °F) at night, all year round. How nice to not worry about leaving your jacket at home, and making the most of alfresco dining with a cool sea breeze.

The rainier season extends from July to November across all the Mariana Islands, but with many dry days in between, and fewer crowds, so don’t be shy!

Currency used in Guam

Guam’s currency is the US$ or USD.

For withdrawing local currency, a Bank of Hawaii ATM is conveniently located at Guam’s Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport and our own Crowne Plaza Resort Guam. More ATM options can also be found in Tamuning for Bank of Hawaii, as well as First Hawaiian Bank, Coast 360, and ANZ Bank.

If you prefer to exchange money into local currency, check with the main bank branches or there is a money exchange outlet in Guam Premier Outlet shopping mall in Tamuning.

Credit cards are also widely accepted in Guam.

Mobile phone use in Guam

Avoid costly roaming charges by purchasing a local prepaid SIM card from a Cellular Service Provider in Guam and swapping it for the existing one in your cell phone for the duration of your stay. Store staff can help you determine which service option will best suit your usage needs and length of stay. Ask our Crowne Plaza Resort concierge to assist you with information and directions to our local stores in Guam, including Docomo Pacific, GTA TeleGuam, and iConnect.

The other option is to make use of the complimentary WI-FI available to guests at Crowne Plaza Resort Guam for internet-based calls and data usage on our property.

Transportation around Guam

Guam Mass Transit Authority operates buses on nine routes, connecting nearly all of the villages on Guam. Though perhaps more tourist-friendly, stopping at major hotels and popular attractions in Guam’s Tumon, Tamuning, and Hagatna areas, is the Red Shuttle Bus company.

Hiring a rental car is also highly recommended and how many visitors choose to explore Guam, for the convenience and easy driving experience on Guam’s roads. A few rental car companies operate in Guam offering competitive rates.

Alternatively, metered taxis are easily accessible in Guam – though have a service providor’s phone number with you in case you head to a less commercial area and need to call one out.

Guam power voltage/adapter

On the Northern Mariana Islands the standard voltage is 120 V as per the US and Canada. Type B and A plug sockets are both commonly used. You will be able to purchase an adaptor locally in Guam should you need to.

Sundays are rest days in Guam

Whether it be religious or cultural, be prepared for a very quiet Sunday in Guam. Most retail outlets and restaurants are closed, or have limited opening hours. Call ahead to check before you go, particularly if you are very hungry!

We recommend planning Sunday as your beach or pool relaxation day, making the most of the restaurants located at your hotel or resort as they will likely remain open.

Popular activities in Guam

Amongst Guam’s warm tropical climate, beautiful island scenery, stunning beaches, and lively culture, there is something for everyone. Popular activities include diving Guam’s incredible sites and viewing its splendid marine life, lazing on pristine white sand beaches or getting active with water sports, as well as shopping and entertainment in bustling Tamuning. Guam is safe and easy, and you’ll leave feel re-energized no matter what you do, though we recommend the following guides for a few ideas on how to make the most of this incredible island.

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What to pack for Guam

Guam is very well serviced, and you’ll be able to purchase anything you might accidentally leave at home or want to buy new. But for planning purposes, consider the following as essentials for a happy Guam vacation:

  • Beach list: swimwear, flip flops, sunhat, sunglasses, a good book, and a waterproof camera.
  • Walking/Hiking list: shorts, walking shoes, socks, and band-aids for any blisters.
  • Special Dinner list: your easy-pack gorgeous dress or dinner jacket.
  • Everything list: Your passport, Guam entry visa (if required), driver’s license, sunscreen, and insect repellent.
  • Tick, tick, tick, tick, and you’re ready to go!

A bonus tip for Guam

If you are a guest of Crowne Plaza Resort Guam, keep our phone number handy in case you need advice: +1 (671) 646 5880

Also, call us if you would like to make a reservation to stay with us at Crowne Plaza Resort Guam, we would love to help you have a wonderful stay in Guam!

UPDATE: Our Kids Pool is now open 9:00 am – 6:00 pm and Beach access is available as of May 21, 2024.

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