Snorkeling Spots in Guam


One of the world’s top destinations for vivid marine life, in Guam you are completely spoiled for choice when it comes to snorkeling. Colourful fish and coral right at your fingertips, in crystal clear water, accessed from some of the most pristine white sand beaches you’ll find. The variety of marine life you see will astound you. According to Guam Visitors Bureau, over 300 types of coral, 950 fish varieties, and 220 species of benthic marine algae can be found here. Make sure to bring an underwater camera with you! Below we share our Top 5 recommended snorkeling destinations on Guam island.

Tumon Bay

Tumon Bay Crowne Plaza Resort Guam is conveniently located at one of the most popular snorkeling sites on the island, Tumon Bay, on the west side of the island, only a 10 minutes drive form the airport. Perfect for beginners and more experience snorkelers. The shallow lagoon for beginners, which is some 360m wide and with no currents or waves, can be accessed anywhere along the beach. More experienced snorkelers can explore the barrier reef which has a drop-off point about 400m from the shore. To access the drop-off point for the reef, you should enter the water to the front of the channel – which can be identified from the beach by the waves breaking there.

Ypao Beach

Ypao Beach Pronounced ‘eee-paw’, is a popular snorkeling site that’s very easy to access at the southern end of Tumon Bay, a short 15-20 minute walk from Crowne Plaza Resort Guam. Being one of Guam’s five marine preserves means that fishing is not allowed, so more coral and fish thrive, and can be enjoyed by snorkelers. This large network of coral reef is found only about 25 meters out from the beach and is incredibly colourful. Whilst there are lots of fish of all sorts, octopus and puffer fish are quite famously seen in this area. Perfect for beginners, swim out and see what you will find!

Gun Beach

Known to be one of Guam’s most beautiful places for beach views as well as snorkeling, Gun beach is very easy to access at the northernmost point of Tumon, about a 35 minute walk or 10 minute drive from Crowne Plaza Resort Guam. Snorkeling at this site is easiest on days when the water is calm, and either way, this site is recommended only for more advanced snorkelers who are stronger swimmers. Make your way along one of the 4 or 5 pipes leading straight from the beach to a drop off point into the deep sea, essentially a trench, and this is where you will find a whole world of incredible coral and fish.

Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens is a great option for those looking to combine a kayak ride with their snorkeling adventure. Whilst a little effort to get to, this fabulous spot is worth it, and suitable for all levels of snorkeling experience. You’ll need to take a 35 minute drive from Crowne Plaza Resort Guam to Agat Marina (look for the mooring bouys) and from there take a short kayak or boat ride to the inner side of Anae Island. Here you’ll find a poular shallow reef that has some of the most interesting coral to be found on Guam Island. What’s more, many corals stretch to almost the water’s surface allowing them to be viewed up close by snorkelers – and making this experience particularly special. Also, spinner dolphins often found in this area may add further delight to your visit here!

Shark’s Cove

Take a 15 minute drive from Crowne Plaza Resort Guam to Tanguisson Beach Park (a little further north than Gun Beach) if you are up for a scenic 20-25 minute trek through sand and jungle along Tanguisoon Beach before arriving at Shark’s Cove snorkeling spot. This short walk keeps the number of tourists down (as perhaps does the misleading name about sharks!) allowing you a more exclusive snorkeling experience. Though make sure to bring some protective shoes as the beach walk can get a bit rocky. You’ll love the coral reef filled with tropical fish, and the surrounding view of a beautiful beach with jungle cliffs. Suitable for all levels of snorkeling experience, we highly recommend it.

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